Özgür Cebe

Özgür Cebe



What does being FREE! mean to us?
Where does being FREE! start and where does it end? 
The past has shown us that everything can change from one moment to the next and that to live together in this world we need to limit our being FREE!
Being FREE! brings great responsibility and challenges. We see people who are FREE!
Sometimes FREE! of intelligence.
The wonderful thing about life in a democracy is that everyone has the right to be FREE! in their egoism. FREE! along the lines of 1. “Thoughts are FREE! 2. “Thoughts are slurry”.
Either way, it’s time we started trying together to be FREE! again.
In his fifth full evening show “FREI!” (FREE!), Özgür Cebe takes his audience along with him on a search for answers. With wit and satire, and not always painlessly, he pokes his finger into the wound of being human.

Comedy, Cabaret, Satire, Stand-up Comedy

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24. January 2022

16:30 - 16:50

Theatre 1


Theatre 1

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