Rainer Holl

Rainer Holl


Optimist auf niedrigem Niveau

Let’s be blunt. The world is a shitty place. But Rainer Holl doesn’t let that get him down. In spite of everything he remains an optimist – just at a low level. Capitalism is destroying the foundations of our lives? Well, at least the Wifi is working. Climate change is threatening the future of our children? Then go on a quick last cruise through the Caribbean. Fascism is making a comeback? Okay, as long as it’s not on Tuesday. That’s Pilates day. Rainer’s motto for life is “Don’t dream your life, but just keep your mouth shut”. Fortunately for us he tends to keep his own mouth shut rather rarely. In his first stage show, he dissects the absurdities of everyday life in Late Capitalism down to its single parts, turns everything back-to-front and doesn’t put it back together again afterwards. The audience have to do that for themselves.

Cabaret, Poetry Slam, Satire, Spoken Word, Stand-up Comedy

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24. January 2022

17:30 - 17:50

Theatre 1

Optimist auf niedrigem Niveau

Theatre 1

Rainer Holl: Optimist auf niedrigem Niveau | Vereinsheim Schwabing | BR Kabarett & Comedy

Rainer Holl - Träume nicht dein Leben sondern halt' einfach dein Maul

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