Sara Brandhuber

Sara Brandhuber


Gschneizt und Kampelt

In true Bavarian beer-hall style Sara presents her audience with a colourful posy of memorable melodies coupled with jokey lyrics. This Upper Bavarian from Lower Bavaria demonstrates time and again why she was not awarded the Free State’s dialect prize in 2017 for nothing. Word acrobatics in dialect at a speed that will make you completely giddy alternate with cosy pieces which make you feel a little warm around your heart, all accompanied by her guitar, which Sara obviously feels more at home with on her bar stool than at home on her sofa. In her usual charming way, she deals in her show ‘Gschneizt und Kampelt’ with existential subjects, for example, why a good bread pan is worth it, why safety trousers sometimes don’t get you very far in life or why it’s sometimes all just back to front.

Musical Cabaret

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Represented by:
Agentur Hofstetter

26. January 2022

14:00 - 14:20

Theatre 1

Gschneizt und Kampelt

Theatre 1

Sara Brandhuber - Tierisches Preissnlied (live)

Sara Brandhuber - Hint häha wia vorn (live

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