Sascha Vogel

Sascha Vogel


Physik in Hollywood

Do light swords actually work? How come James Bond really always wins? What has Spiderman got to do with physics and how does Iron Man really manage to build his particle accelerator so quickly? It’s been no secret for a long time that Hollywood isn’t exactly the pinnacle of scientific realism.
Sascha Vogel shows how bad it really is in his award-winning show ”Physics in Hollywood”. But don’t worry – this isn’t all about formulae and physical constants, but about having fun with and in science. 
In Vogel’s tour through the world of film there’s sure to be not a dry eye in the house for sheer laughter, even if you dropped physics after the third form. From Armageddon to Star Wars to Zoolander – nothing is safe from him. 
Physics in Hollywood – but with a difference!

Comedy, Gala, Poetry Slam, Stand-up Comedy, Visual Comedy

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science birds

25. January 2022

17:30 - 17:50

Theatre 2

Physik in Hollywood

Theatre 2

Sascha Vogel Science Slam 21.1. - Uni Göttingen Gewinnerbeitrag

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