Sebastian Berger

Sebastian Berger


Professor`s Things

The Professor is what is known in the language of youth as a bit of a nerd. He demonstrates things that humans can do in a way that is very vivid and lively but at the same time very specific too. But these things that anybody might be able to do very quickly become things that apparently, or at least sometimes, only the Professor can manage. Juggling like you’ve never seen it before! Which might have something to do with the fact that the artiste has developed them himself over the last 13 years. Which causes amazement, smiles and mystification at the things that are just happening on the stage, ”Professor`s Things” was shown at the Brain Bar Budapest (Biggest Festival of the Future) in 2019 in the category mind-blowing and awarded the Gold Medal of the International Juggling Association in the category Best Act.

Artistry, Cirque Nouveau, Comedy, Juggling, Variety Show

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Kulturverein FENFIRE

25. January 2022

14:30 - 14:50

Theatre 2

Professor`s Things

Theatre 2

Professor´s Things -by Sebastian Berger

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