Sebastian Schnoy

Sebastian Schnoy


Dummikratie – Warum Deppen Idioten wählen

Schnoy’s sweeping blow against any form of simplification. Angry but conciliatory, funny but thoughtful, he remains a notorious optimist. His show provides strength for living and for dealing with idiots and inciters. He delivers new ammunition for weary enlighteners. What is important to us? And why don’t we celebrate it with a loud fanfare? Why is stupidity so successful? Why do political journals have the most readers when the topic is backache? Why do we think incompetent people are competent? For 50 years capitalism and the USA have been facing their immediate end for some people while others have been warning against foreign infiltration since Luther’s time. Schnoy does not let them get away with it. Reason is a cultivated plant that Schnoy diligently cares for, and he’d like to do it on your stage if that’s all right.

Comedy, Cabaret

Stage language/s:

26. January 2022

11:00 - 11:20

Theatre 2

Dummikratie – Warum Deppen Idioten wählen

Theatre 2

Sebastian Schnoy Dummikratie 01 "Die Türkei gehört in die EU" Live, November 2019

Sebastian Schnoy Dummikratie 03 "Boris Johnsons Prosecco-Krise" Live, November 2019

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