Suonno d'Ajere

Suonno d'Ajere



For five years, Suonno d’Ajere (Dream of Yesterday) have been bringing the wealth of Neapolitan folk music to the stage and awakening it to new life in sophisticated performances of canzoni from five centuries. The trio with the traditional line-up of guitar, mandolin and vocals do this with passion, love and seriousness, but not without a good measure of wit, and were rewarded with first prize in the San Remo Canta Napoli competition. For all their feel for nostalgia, the songs are completely rooted in the present and deal with relationships of present-day couples as well as social reality in the city in the shadow of Vesuvius. “The Neapolitan canzoni are not relics meant for the museum or parchments that need to be held sacred,” goes the credo of Suonno d’Ajere – but testaments to life as it should be celebrated.

Folk, Classical Music, World Music

Stage language/s:
English, Italian

Represented by:

26. January 2022

14:00 - 14:20

Music Hall


Suonno D'Ajere - 'O guappo 'nnammurato

Suonno d'ajere LIVE

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