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Sven Garrecht



Sven Garrecht has realised that if the world is really getting worse every day, then everything was not quite as bad yesterday as it is at the moment, but then everything is still after all better today than it’s going to be tomorrow, His gift of the gab also comes to the fore in his new show „Wenn nicht jetzt, wo sonst?” (”If not now, where else?”), from which he’ll be giving us a small sample in Freiburg, singing, playing and poeticising along to the big questions of our time, such as – can this world really be saved, and do I have to get up off the couch to do it? What do the heroes of the new generation look like? Am I old enough to want to feel young again? When will the organic waste get collected? And when does a press release like this come to an end? If not now, where else?

Musical Cabaret, Poetry Slam, Stand-up Comedy

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26. January 2022

16:30 - 16:50

Theatre 1


Theatre 1


Sven Garrecht Trailer Kleinstadt Tiger

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