Thomas Kornmaier

Thomas Kornmaier


Hatte Zeit

Twelve years in Berlin have left their mark on him. His hair, his money and his faith in humanity are all getting more and more sparse. This exile from Baden strolls with South German abandon through absurd everyday observations and through moral no-go areas and undertakes original tightrope walks between cabaret and stand-up comedy. He reflects on his own life and that of his audience with a lot of humour, a pinch of perspicacity and a song or three. Whatever comedic means he turns to, his spot-on punchlines are drenched in dark humour and not only make us laugh but also think. “Hatte Zeit” is this restless satirist’s first full-length show and he pulls out all the stops – humorous observations, personal setbacks and unshakeable, cynical optimism.

Stand-up Comedy

Stage language/s:

24. January 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Theatre 1

Hatte Zeit

Theatre 1

Thomas Kornmaier | Der Burka-Bandit | Späti Comedy

Thomas Kornmaier | Der dümmste Bauer | Späti Comedy

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