Timothy Trust & Diamond

Timothy Trust & Diamond


Glück, Erfolg und andere Illusionen

In their show, Timothy Trust & Diamond carry their audience (you!) off into a world beyond the mundane and this side of the fantastic. What is happiness made of? Will the evening be a success? Is money important, and if not, why is admission being charged for the show? Lao Tse once said, “Anyone who is not happy with a little will not be happy with a lot either.” On this note, you’ll experience a “lot” of fun and illusions. And you’ll be happy with this “lot", because you’re sure to be happy with a little as well. One can see that by just looking at you! The show is almost beyond description, but these two multi-award-winning magicians excel in everything they offer – mind-reading, large-scale illusions, quick change, comedy and much more. The audience will be familiar with Timothy Trust & Diamond from their various shows in the Wintergarten and the GOP Varietés.

Comedy, Gala, Variety Show, Conjuring

Stage language/s:
German, French, English


Represented by:
Agentur André Beck

25. January 2022

11:30 - 11:50

Theatre 2

Glück, Erfolg und andere Illusionen

Theatre 2

Die beste Zaubershow

Gedankenlesen mit Timothy Trust und Diamond

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