Victoria Helene Bergemann

Victoria Helene Bergemann


Feine Destination

In my new solo show “Feine Destination” I ask humanity’s most sophisticated questions, like: What’s so very wrong with dressing up elegantly, fetching a glass of white wine at midday and swapping the coolest gossip and the latest stuff? Why not tip glitter on your blouse and discuss the historic significance of pop music? And since when is your heart-throb a beer drinker with a scratchy beard and not a hot boy from a boy band anymore? As a 23-year-old OAP in the body of a thirty-something, it’s not easy for me out there, so I’ve finally created a little retreat for myself, my “Refined Destination”.

Cabaret, Poetry Slam, Satire, Spoken Word, Stand-up Comedy

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24. January 2022

14:00 - 14:20

Theatre 1

Feine Destination

Theatre 1

Victoria Helene Bergemann - Bärte raus

Victoria Helene Bergemann - Rossmann Ideenwelt

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