The cherries atop of the IKF cake

At the special shows, which are mainly located in the central foyer and foyer of Messe Freiburg, you can be fascinated by exhibitions, installations, performances, unusual objects and machines. Take the time to make discoveries!


Special shows of the 35th IKF 2023

Theater R.A.B. / DE

Trolls passing through

Foyer F2 |

Trolls are not a myth! A pair of them is on the move right this very minute. They pitch their mammoth hide and bone tent all over the place – in parks, in marketplaces, under bridges... Nobody knows where they’ll end up next. In this installation performance, Theater R.A.B. offers a humorous play on natural observations.

Théâtre de la Toupine / FR

Boule de Neige - The snow globe

Central Foyer ZF5 |

The ski cabin egg of a vintage gondola lift is a true cabinet of curiosities reinterpreted in a "poetic-punk" way. Inside, a kinetic work of art à la Tinguely by the Swiss artist Bettex. It travels seemingly alone, remote-controlled amid yodelling sounds and real art snow flurries.


Die Maiers / DE


Central Foyer ZF4 |

What defines a good life? The spectacular high points or the time in between? The “red carpet” or the yellowing sofa? In the live action installation “inzwischendrindraussen”, the audience watch like voyeurs the fictional characters Mr and Mrs Maier in their isolated world. Mundane everyday jobs become funny, artistic and touching scenes.

Actic / NL

Actic Airlines

Central Foyer ZF1 |

Actic Airlines will ‘fly’ the audience from A to B in a very special airplane, guided by a pilot and stewardess. On board are 6 economy seats, but the extras are those of a businessclass. This show will be a very special experience for both travellers and audience on the ground.

represented by:
Entr’act | booth 2.1.25


Compagnie DaaD / NL

Witte Wieven

Central Foyer

Dancing female figures appear in the mist and entice you to follow. But once in the mist, there’s no going back. The artist Linda Anneveld has created a fascinating theatrical installation based on the Germanic myth of Witte Wieven (White Women) to show us the various phases of our lives.

represented by:
Entr'act | booth 2.1.25

ZEBRA Stelzentheater /DE

Phoenix Project

Central Foyer ZF6 |

Ornamented and feathered with the wishes and visions of the audience, the magic bird of the “Phoenix Projekt” rises to the air - its parade is a powerfull and poetic sign. A celebration of hope and joy to consolidate community. With live music or DJ. For festivals, cultural and social projects and business events.

represented by:
ZEBRA Stelzentheater | booth 2.1.22

Zaub-O-Mat / DE


Foyer F4 |

What is a Magic-O-Mat, please? Be curious and throw a coin into the slot! What happens next is an experience you will never forget: The doors of the world's smallest magic theatre open and Lady Amanda takes you into the incredible world of magic!

Funus Memoriae / DE

Funus Memoriae

Boulevard, Outdoor Area F11 |

Funus Memoriae is the world's first and only memory crematorium. With a healthy mix of pastoral business sense and mystical bureaucracy, bad memories are getting a heat treatment here. Feel the cleansing power of the flames and let your worries simply go up in smoke…

Monday, 23.01., Tuesday, 24.01. and Wednesday 25.01. each 12:40 p.m., 1:10 p.m. , 3:40 p.m. and 4:10 p.m.

Buchfink-Theater / figurenacts / DE

Micro drama: A Journey into the Heart of an Engine Block

Central Foyer ZF2 |

With headphones you'll enter the interior of a coughing car engine which desperately needs to be fixed.
Unexpected scenes full of satire, profundity and compassion open up in some kind of funny, subtle and touching way.
A theatre miniature in 4 minutes for 1-4 spectators at a time.

represented by:
AGENTUR ROSA WAGNER | booth 2.7.14

Cia. Holoqué / ES

„La Caixeta (The little box)“

Central Foyer ZF3 |

When the audience, kids and adults, arrives to “La Caixeta“ (The little box), by company Holoqué, will get inside a little music box. Once inside, they will discover the tale of the forbidden love between music and dance. Explained with holograms and video mapping, the five minutes experience, will thrill everybody.

represented by:
Cia. Holoqué | booth 2.2.15


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