Artist/GroupProductionPlaceExhibition hall
Special Show 1Pikzpalace/BE„Boucherie Bacul"Central foyer ZF6 
Special Show 2G.Traberproduktion/CH„Heinz baut"Central foyer ZF92.6.17
Special Show 3Itinerània/ES„Escape Caravana. Who killed my rabbit?"Central foyer ZF72.2.22
Special Show 4Giovanni Gassenhauer/DE„Original italienische Glücksmomente"Central foyer ZF52.6.28
Special Show 5Cia. La Malette/UY„Little boy, the king of harmonica”Foyer F2 
Special Show 6CLAP/DE,ES

„Mitmachzirkus, Kreativ – Raum"

Foyer F32.6.10
Special Show 7Walking Piano/DE„Das größte Klavier der Welt"Foyer F52.3.20
Special Show 8Pigeon on Piano/BE„The Dovecote – The tiniest concerthall in the world"Foyer F41.1.12
Special Show 9Superhallo/NL„DJ Frietmachine"Foyer F10 
Special Show 10MobilesMusikMuseum/DE„Mach Musik!"Foyer F112.7.29A



Pikzpalace /BE – „Boucherie Bacul"

Central foyer ZF6
Greet Verhoeven and Eric Peeters are two graphic artists and animation film-makers who lost their hearts to street theatre. In 2009 they debuted with “Boucherie Bacul”, an act that was immediately appreciated by the public. Pikzpalace now play at all major international festivals and traverse Europe with their performances. “Boucherie Bacul” is an old-fashioned butchery market booth within and around which nothing is what it seems. The strange managers of this wondrous market booth are Simone Bacul and her brother Marcel. The rude Bacul family sell their morbid but above all insane merchandise to the passers- by. But to do so they use very strange techniques. A deliciously dark sideshow comedy, not for the faint-hearted. Belgian butchers Pikzpalace prepare their tasty cuts … but there’s not a joint of meat in sight.

G. Traberproduktion – „Heinz baut"

Central Foyer ZF9 | Stand 2.6.17
A flat rope is hanging from a bag, with 47 ash rods lying around about it. Three rods tied together to form a tripod rise up in their midst. Heinz climbs the tripod, pulls a rope out of the bag and grabs the topmost rod. He ties it perpendicular to one of the arms of the tripod that extend upwards. With rod after rod bracing and supporting the ones already tied, a tower emerges. The system of construction is the same as for all the other towers that have been, and will be, built. But the shape is different every time. If one day the definitive tower has been constructed, Heinz will exit it through the top. Until then, however, he removes each rod one by one and leans it against the tripod. What remains when Heinz is back on the ground is a pile of ropes and the assembled rods.



Itinerània /ES – „Escape Caravana. Who killed my rabbit?"

Central Foyer ZF7 | Stand 2.2.22
Claiming the street as a natural meeting place, Itinerània carries out an ephemeral and festive intervention in the public space. Its creations, installations made primarily of iron and wood, use visible basic mechanical structures and devices. Itinerània was founded in 2006 with the inauguration of its first large-format installation “El Laberint” (IKF 2012). The latest installation is called “Escape Caravana. Who Killed my Rabbit?” and keeps the participatory character that distinguishes all the company’s projects. The proposal is inspired by the idea of an escape room built into a mysterious caravan which hides a crime. There has been a murder. The audience will have to use their wits to make the mechanism start working and thereby discover who the murderer is and find their way out of the caravan. In four minutes!

Giovanni Gassenhauer /DE – „Original italienische Glücksmomente"

Central Foyer ZF5 | Stand 2.6.28
A mobile market wagon full of wonderful bits and bobs, bargains and surprises – presented by Giovanni Gassenhauer, the shrewdest hawker on Europe’s north-south axis. Mime, magic, music and lots of situational humour to marvel, linger and enjoy. Giovanni is a lovable character who moves around among the guests with his sensational mobile market stand. He keeps on drawing new surprises out of his cart; he sings, makes music, performs magic and captivates the crowds. Giovanni is full of life and loves his audience, and he’s the only market trader who doesn’t sell anything – he gives away moments of happiness for free! …and his audience experiences plenty of them, in the many little connections and interactions with Giovanni Gassenhauer…



Cie. La Malette/ UY– „ Little boy, the king of harmonica"

Foyer F2
Little Boy, the king of Harmonica” (2018) is inspired by the Mississippi blues, a miniature swampy universe populated by humorous figures. From the green water of bayous to the majestic trees lining the banks: Little Boy reincarnates the spirit of the blues, with the music of Sonny Boy Williamson II. The company Cie. La Malette experiments with small puppet and object theatre performances that make it possible to share experiences and emotions with the audience, because they are physically very close to them. It creates visual theatre that is presented without the restriction of language. The lightweight structures and materials allow them to bring the shows to any venue. The performances explore social themes with humour and a certain lightness. Esteban Adrian Giovinatti from Uruguay studied puppetry. He is especially interested in the old, traditional style. Since 2005 he has been travelling across Europe with small performances, specially adapted for the street, looking to approach the audience in a different way.

CLAP/DE,ES –„Mitmachzikus, Kreativ-Raum"

Foyer F3 | Stand 2.6.10
CLAP is a mobile circus for experimentation, hands-on learning and discovery. For children and adults alike. CLAP is a great place to watch and to get involved yourself. It conveys the special atmosphere of the circus – experiencing something out of the ordinary with your loved ones, using your imagination and being amazed (at yourself). Children and parents can try out and practise new things together. They’re not just spectators, but active participants. Experienced artists and circus instructors are there to help. CLAP is a mobile circus, make-up studio and creative space. You can watch or get involved yourself – anything goes. We create an atmosphere in which children and adults can shift from spectators to active participants.



Walking Piano/DE – „Das größte Klavier der Welt"

Foyer F5 | Stand 2.3.20
The Walking Piano has already written Hollywood history. The instrument rose to fame with the film “BIG” starring Tom Hanks. Now the original is on an exclusive European tour. It’s the largest piano in the world, and is played with the feet instead of the hands. Leslie Lynn and Dennis Volk alias Mister Piano charm, amaze and fascinate audiences in their unique show act with their moving and electrifying pieces. The show is a real hit, appearing on TV shows and boasting 200 million views on the Internet. The Walking Piano can be booked as an individual act or an interactive show with audience participation, for staff events, team-building events, active conference breaks, and many other kinds of events. The Walking Piano injects extra motivation and anchors lasting emotions in the hearts and minds of the participants.

Pigeon on Piano/BE – „The Dovecote - The tiniest concerthall in the world"

Foyer F4 | Stand 1.1.12
Katrien Verfaillie, a pianist based in Ghent (Belgium), started composing intuitively in 2008, the day after her father died. He used to call her “little dove”, hence the artist’s name: Pigeon. Playing live concerts is what Pigeon loves the most! To appeal to a broader audience, she created a fairy tale like a musical peephole box. You see a dovecote, you hear Pigeon’s piano stories, but when you peek in, you enter the tiniest concert hall in the world, a fabulous concert interior with an inspiring three-dimensional decor filled with white pigeons. In the dovecote there is (only) room for Katrien. The audience enjoys her live piano music in the space between minimalism and Chopin, through headphones suspended in the peepholes. Ten spectators can watch and listen at the same time.  



Superhallo/NL – „DJ Frietmachine"

Foyer F10
DJ Frietmachine, how much rhythm can be found in your potato? A machine that makes you want to dance with your potato? It has to be seen to be believed! DJ Frietmachine is the most swinging potato- installation that exists. He observes, weighs, measures and examines whether you are related with your potato. In that case you will start to peel and slice your potato with our specially developed machines. In the meantime, the DJ searches for the best record (music) to suit your potato. He will play this greasy tune while you fry your potato. Record ready, fries ready! Superhallo – theatre for the senses, founded in 2008, makes sensory installations and mini-performances that invite the visitor to embark on a personal adventure. DJ Frietmachine is the latest invention and shows the artists’ love, once again after Knol d’Amour, for the potato.

MobilesMusikMuseum/De – „Mach Musik!"

Foyer F11 | Stand 2.7.29A
The four big open-air sound playgrounds “Wasserorchester”, “Klangkanal”, “Giganten” and “Metallophon” each encourage up to 50 people aged two years and over to play freely, exploring noises and sounds. The MobilesMusikMuseum (MMM) presents parts of the metallophone / tetrachord at the IKF 2019. They communicate an understanding of the connection between material, length and diameter and how they affect pitch at both outdoor events and longer term interactive exhibitions. The MMM has several hundred such interactive sound sculptures. The consoles presented here are a small selection of indoor exhibits with a wide range of electronic sounds that encourage resonant team play and melodious communication. Over the last 25 years Michael Bradke has inspired numerous people to actively experience music-making with his workshops, science shows, exhibitions and day-long events.



32. IKF 2020

Opening Gala:
26 January 2020

Trade fair:
27– 29 January 2020


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