Variety Evening

Theatre 2 | Wednesday 19:30 Uhr
The Variety Evening has been the sparkling finale at the der IKF for many years. We intend to uphold this tradition at the 31st IKF 2019 by presenting a virtuoso closing spectacle. Eight international soloists and duos with extraordinary and stunning acts entice you into a world far away from everyday life. Be enchanted and thrilled by the elegance and seeming ease of the Cyr wheel performance, air artistry with unusual objects, partner trampoline acrobatics, graceful artistry on ropes, the sound of majestic, masterly chords on the glass harp, clown interludes, Italian comedy and a presenter called Marcus Jeroch who entertainingly hosts the evening with his highly amusing wordplay and turns of phrase.

Marcus Jeroch

Fair Stand 2.6.24

At Frankfurt‘s Tigerpalast, Hamburg‘s Hansatheater, and variety theatres across Germany – Marcus Jeroch steals the show as presenter and wordsmith, entertaining and inspiring audiences with his daring, idiosyncratic juggling and rich repertoire of funny and profound texts. He spins across the stage, throwing words and balls around, confusing the senses, mixing up speech, immersing himself in language to the point of madness and narcosis. His body tied up in convoluted sentences, limbs furious, grotesque and wild, as if touched by the muse one too many times... Marcus Jeroch uses German as you‘ve never heard it before! Word drag, sound acrobatics, letter games, a linguistic tempest – Marcus Jeroch delights with lateral thinking full of nonsense and subtle, hidden philosophy.

Aramelo – „Flip me, if you can!"

Fair Stand 2.5.19
Aramelo, with Mara (Luxemburg) and Ole (Bielefeld), is an artistic duo, who are specialized in partner trampoline and acrobatics on the floor. Their latest show “Flip me, if you can!” is suitable for audiences of all ages. Aramelo surprises the spectators with his extraordinary way of combining partner acrobatics with trampoline tricks and a great sense of humour. “Flip me, if you can!” opens with a young woman and a trampoline. Her intended solo performance takes an unexpected turn which she was totally unprepared for. She is suddenly no longer alone. After she has gradually recovered from the shock, the act transforms into a playful duet with no shortage of wit, spectacular artistry on the trampoline and an exhilarating atmosphere. Eight minutes. Two funny characters. A trampoline. Breathtaking tricks and flips.

Fair Stand 2.2.31
Charlotte de la Bretèque graduated from ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles) in 2008. At school, she developed her work with „multicordes“, a new aerial discipline she created. Since then she has worked with several ensembles including Circus Monti, Cirque Baroque and Cirque Bouffon, and in a number of German variety theatres (e.g. GOP, Krystallpalast, Varieté et cetera, Friedrichsbau, Wintergarten). She has also won several prizes at festivals, including first prize in the Krystallpalast Newcomershow. In her „multicordes“, she develops a special technical vocabulary, a mixture of straps, handstands and acrobatics. The ropes create images like no other aerial apparatus, sometimes a curtain, a waterfall or a fire, they wave, roll and curl as if they were alive. Charlotte tames the ropes as if they were a part of her and does it all with a good dose of humour.

Charlotte de la Bretéque – „Multicordes"

Lucchettino – „Magicians for a night"

Fair Stand 2.4.19
The magician’s hat and his suitcase are on stage. His fans are coming in, and even the magician‘s assistants are there, whether they are the magician’s assistants or just two ushers. Everything is already there, except for the magician himself. That could definitively be a big issue, but luckily the ushers Luca and Tino are going to replace the magician, who does not arrive. Everything seems to go wrong from the beginning, when Luca‘s microphone starts to fail, while Tino turns the shoes of an audience member into a microphone. From the magician‘s props there is no way to get a magic trick, indeed the magic itself seems to turn against the unlucky pair. Will our heroes succeed? Of course not. For the simple reason that Luca and Tino are not heroes, but clowns. And like the greatest clowns, all they can do is turn their own failure into an incredible show.

Rahel Merz – „Aerial Spiral"

Fair Stand 2.7.26
A delicate angular momentum of the  spiral creates a gentle, poetic display of  artistry with no beginning or end, between  top and bottom, closeness and distance.  Rahel moves gently on the spiral at first,  then more and more dramatically with great  virtuosity. She appears to be driven, rotated  and carried upwards by it, only to slide back  into the depths.  Rahel Merz only discovered her love for  aerial artistry after professional training  as a dancer. She dances and performs  for Aircraft Circus London, SETanztheater  Nürnberg, the Zürich Opera house, Rigolo  Swiss NouveauCirque, Valentinas Varieté,  Club Aura at the Paradeplatz Zürich, DeepEmotions  Company Bern, Tanztheater Baden  and Pidarco, among others. Aerial Spiral, a  performance produced by the artist herself,  is quiet and lyrical but also spectacular and  impressive, for those special moments. 

Rahel Merz & Janine Eggenberger – „The Chandelier"

Stand 2.7.26
Glittering crystals dance in the dark,  high above the heads of the guests.  On a Baroque chandelier at dizzy heights,  Rahel Merz and Janine Eggenberger add a  touch of class as they display spectacular  and elegant aerial artistry, which moves  and enchants the audience at the same  time. When they once visited a restaurant  together, the artists caught sight of a huge  chandelier high above the tables. However,  unlike the other guests, they were not only  fascinated by the sparkle of thousands of  crystals but also by the virtually limitless  possibilities to create acrobatic works  of art for it. And that is how the idea of  performing as a duo came about: “The  Chandelier”. Rahel Merz and Janine Eggenberger  from Switzerland, who combine their  talents and creativity for “The Chandelier”,  both also enjoy great success worldwide  with a variety of solo acts. 

Fair Stand 2.2.31
Sergey Koblikov is a circus artist and  clown from Ukraine. He has been awarded  important prizes such as the Nikulin  Award at the festival Cirque de Demain in  Paris and has been invited to the famous TV  show Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde. He  became famous with two of his productions:  “Drinker” is a story about a man who  comes back home from a night club. A little  drunk, not walking straight anymore, he  needs to take a lot of breaks near a lantern.  With a bottle and wine glass in his hand,  he struggles to find the matches to light  his cigar. While searching for them in his  jacket, he juggles the items in his hand. “Cigar  Box” is another funny production about  a man who is juggling three red bricks. It  seems simple, but he is doing fantastic  tricks, and the non-stoppable music has  him juggling on and on with more and more  difficult tricks. 

Sergey Koblykov – „Koblikoff"

Regie Varieté – Evening
The cultural scientist Urs Jäckle moves  between the genres of theatre and  circus. Above all, he is best known as  the Artistic Director of the Krystallpalast  Varieté in Leipzig, where many successful  productions bear his trademark. Through  his close contacts to the circus schools in  Montréal, Brussels and Rotterdam, he has  discovered a string of top-class acts for  the German market. Every year in July, he  organises the “Newcomershow”, the most  important German festival for up-andcoming  variety artists. Furthermore, he  continually takes on production work for the  “Cirque Médrano” in France or for England’s  famous “Billy Smart’s Circus” to name just  a few. He is directing and producing the  Variety Evening in Freiburg for some years  already, which enables him to come up with  a show which is tailor-made for the stage  conditions.   

Urs Jäckle


32. IKF 2020

Opening Gala:
26 January 2020

Trade fair:
27– 29 January 2020


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