Matthias Reuter

Matthias Reuter


Matthias Reuter – Wenn ich groß bin, werd ich Kleinkünstler

Matthias Reuter is a writer and musical cabaret artist from the Ruhr. He took a masters degree in German (aka diploma in cabaret) and has been doing it for a living since 2010 (says the taxman). He’s going to have to do it for a living until 2070 (says his pension notice).
‘When I Grow Up I’m Going To Be A Cabaret Artist’ is his fifth solo show. Because after all humour is often a matter of perspective. And we laugh much more heartily from bottom to top than the other way round. He’s never understood why people are always wanting to get to the top anyway.
Reuter has so far won more than ten cabaret prizes for his shows. The CD of his current show has been released by WortArt Verlag in Cologne. His book of short stories ‘Rentnerfischen im Hallenbad’ (Fishing for Pensioners in the Indoor Swimming Pool) was published in November 2019 by Satyr Verlag in Berlin.Photo: © Harald Hoffmann

Musical Cabaret

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Represented by:
Agentur Grubenblumen

27. January 2020

14:30 - 14:50

Theatre 1

Matthias Reuter – Wenn ich groß bin, werd ich Kleinkünstler

Theatre 1

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