You´d like to be an exhibitor?

You can present yourself and what you are offering on your own detailed page in the online list of exhibitors. As well as being able to link videos here, you’ll have your very own personal online diary for setting up video meetings. You can exchange messages with all the other participants so that you can keep up your business associations and make new contacts.

You’d like to present yourself as an artiste at the IKF?

Show what you can do with a video link on the artiste details pages in the online list of artistes. This form of presentation is reserved only for those artistes who were selected by a jury to perform a live short show at the 33rd IKF.

Of course, even if you weren’t selected for a short show you’ll also have the chance to present yourself as an artiste in the online list of exhibitors. There, too, you’ll have the opportunity to get attention with an entry including video links and actively extend your network in this way.

You can find all the important information you need about taking part as an exhibitor in our

Conditions of Participation

You can now register as an exhibitor via the IKF-Lounge, where you will then also be able to maintain your data.





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