Upcoming: Circus! – The potential and flexibility of Contemporary Circus in the current events context

Contemporary Circus is increasingly becoming established as an attractive and successful element within the German events landscape. Its diverse and varied performances of artistry have a great appeal for many sections of society. They are mainly non-verbal and their heavily physical and visual language makes them accessible to an inter-cultural and inter-generational audience. Despite the huge difficulties involved with planning during the corona pandemic, event organisers and artistes are working hard on new formats and possibilities for providing a stage for their art. The performance pieces of Contemporary Circus stand out with their special flexibility in using new spaces for their stage. This event offers a short talk together with event organisers and artistes speaking about their experiences from various working perspectives and takes a look at the effectiveness, flexibility and assumptions required for planning Contemporary Circus performance pieces.


For more information about the organizer network please contact anke.politz(at)bu-zz.de.

Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.


The Federal Association of Contemporary Circus is a network and nationwide platform for Contemporary Circus in Germany. It is working to gain visibility for Contemporary Circus as part of the Performing Arts. Founded in 2011 as the New Circus Initiative (Initiative Neuer Zirkus e.V.), it represents the interests of professional circus creatives and operates as an umbrella organisation for currently 150 members including individuals, circus troupes, event locations, festivals and institutions.

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