Hybrid events and virtual collaboration: how can we combine the live experience on site and online?

Since March 2020 nothing has been the same as it was before in the cultural, events and live communication industry. And even if there will be a “time after corona”, the short-term compulsory virtualisation has changed the industry. What does this mean for everything and for all those whose work depends on the live experience, whose existence depends on live communication, concerts and appearances?

This seminar demonstrates the technical and dramaturgical possibilities, boundaries and pitfalls inherent in virtual events. Florian Städtler, as an event manager himself affected by the crisis and yet in 2020 enjoying more success than in previous years, points to examples of how bugs in digital environments can become features for online events.

And finally we can learn more about whether and how in future the analogue “onsite” experience could be merged with digital online participation. What makes these hybrid formats so difficult to implement is the fact that they involve combining two completely different scopes of experience into a single performance. Can that even work? Is our audience prepared to try out such new and unfamiliar formats? And can this sell tickets?

If you are interested in the whole gamut of such (more or less) new cultural techniques as intelligent video conferencing, 2D network locations, live streaming and hybrid experiences, or if you are just curious and – despite all the exhausting but necessary innovation efforts – still optimistic enough, then this seminar is just right for you.


For further questions and information please contact Florian Städtler, staedtler(at)spielplan4.com.

Florian Städtler


Florian Städtler (born 1970) studied Electric Guitar at the Freiburg Jazz and Rock School. After working for ten years as an artistic director and international tour manager for various troupes, he founded the Spielplan4 Event-Marketing agency in 2003.

As a scriptwriter, concept creator, lyricist and event director he produces cross-genre live communication concepts for medium-sized companies and industrial clients such as Adidas, E.ON, BASF, Porsche, Bosch, DATEV, Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk, Netze BW, LEGO, Bahlsen, EDEKA, Sto, the SC Freiburg football club, the Robert Bosch Foundation and many more.

Spielplan4 is a leader in offering innovative large group events within the scope of transformation processes. Jointly with intrinsify.me GmbH, the leading network for modern management and the working world of tomorrow, it has been running the annual work-X festival since 2018, for which the company work-X GmbH was founded in 2020. Also from 2020, this multi-format conference, which is unique in this form, is being presented by the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

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