Strategic Planning in Crises for Organisers and Artists

The pandemic is hitting the events industry hard. There is no end in sight to the crisis. It is this very uncertainty that makes planning so difficult. This seminar will provide a foundation for developing strategies in times of crisis. It will centre on resource and opportunity-oriented approaches. Practical thinking tools such as the S.O.A.R. analysis will be presented and tried out using examples. The question will also be discussed as to how more robust structures can be developed in the future.


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Stefan Behr


Stefan Behr has been a freelancer in the cultural sector for more than twenty years. He has initiated several theatre festivals including the Gassensensationen International Street Theatre Festival in Heppenheim. Since 1998 he has been the general manager of the Berlin theatre company Theater Anu. He has been involved for many years in creative methods and processes of change and has, among other things, headed projects dealing with social bionics and hypnosystemic solution strategies. On his website he provides tips for promoting small and medium-sized cultural events.


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