PANEL DISCUSSION STAY IN TOUCH – staying in touch with your audience

What do you do if you do not want to vanish from sight as an event organiser or agency? How do you stay in touch with your own community and/or your potential audience even in times of pandemic? In 2020 a great many formats have been experimented with, and connection and solidarity with audiences have been expressed in some rather unconventional ways. Event organisers and agencies are therefore looking back in this panel discussion on the ideas and practical approaches that have emerged from this forced creative break. Which of them was any good? Which were better forgotten again? What is there that can be built on? And finally there will always be the matter of how do we manage to maintain contact with our own audiences even in times without live events?

Urs Jäckle


As Artistic Director of the Krystallpalast Varieté in Leipzig and initiator of the annual "Newcomershow", Urs Jäckle has discovered a number of acts. After catching fire in a Freiburg youth circus, he studied cultural management and theater directing in Leipzig and Paris, established a wide network in the cultural scene through countless trips, and today, thanks to his multilingualism, he repeatedly brings artists to Germany who until then had performed primarily in their home countries. For the IKF, he has also been directing the Variety Evening at the end of the Exchange in "normal" times for a long time.


Nadja Hauser


About 15 years ago Nadja Hauser turned her passion into her profession and dedicated herself to event management and show productions.

Nadja is the founder and producer of the biggest circus festival in Switzerland (YOUNG STAGE), event manager, show and TV producer, director, was awarded the "Basler Stern" for her work in 2016 and was voted one of the "100 most successful women in business" in Switzerland in 2018.

Her heart beats for culture, for show productions of all kinds - but especially for artistry and contemporary circus. Under her direction, the International Circus Festival YOUNG STAGE Basel has become one of the world's most important platforms for young artists within just a few years. Nadja sees it as her vocation to support and promote young, talented artists, does this with a lot of commitment and passion and is very well connected in the worldwide circus scene.

Nadja's motto: With passion, enthusiasm and real commitment you can do (almost) anything in life.

Britta Velhagen


Born in Heidelberg in 1961, trained as a youth and home educator, and moved to Karlsruhe in 1980...

Discovered the Tollhaus and "my" culture in 1985, became a member of the cultural association and was soon elected to the honorary board.

Unwavering commitment to a socio-cultural center.

In 1990, finally the longed-for groundbreaking, planning, construction work, building management - and opening. 

Since moving into the Schlachthof in 1992, active in the management of the center. Today management.

My tasks include house design, theme series, social policy, exhibitions, networking, cultural policy, rentals. 

Jens Dietrich


"Jens Dietrich, born in 1969, studied business administration. After 20 years of self-employment in sales against all good advice, fulfillment of a lifelong dream and entry into culture as a complete career changer.  
2006 foundation of Rantastic Livebühnen in a former sports facility. Today, with 53 employees and after constant expansion and renovation, event location for more than 200 cultural events annually in 2 halls with a capacity of up to 1,200 visitors, as well as a "beer garden stage" and an amphitheater. 
2011 Takeover and incorporation of the nationwide known "Kultbühne KLAG" in Gaggenau into the Rantastic family."

Robert Sterzik


Robert Sterzik has been active in the cultural scene since 1980. Formerly on, now only in front of and behind the stage.
Since the beginnings in the Bürgerhaus im Seepark in the 90s, he regularly participates in the Kulturbörse Freiburg.
In 1992 he founded the Rudi Renner Agency. 
From the beginning, many artists of the Rudi Renner Agency have performed at the IKF and have started their triumphal procession here with their shows.
It will now be exciting to see how the cultural scene manages to leave the beaten track and find new ways and, above all, to monetize the work as a creative artist in the future.

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