Artists and event organisers getting to know each other early on Production processes in Contemporary Circus

A talk with examples, contributions and insights

  • What do you see? Descriptions of a production process from the practice of artistes
  • What do you get? What event organisers want and need from a programme
  • Creating together! Giving the imagination free rein – where, how and when are there synergy effects

We need to get to know each other because

  • many artistes are self-taught in production skills and have no exact idea about how to get into professional structures of event organisers and where they can get support,
  • many programme organisers, event organisers and stage managers know very little about how artistes work and what their production conditions are like and how they can actively motivate productions at an early stage,
  • many trades, coaches and experts that support productions are unclear about what tasks they can expect between creation and tour and how, where and when their work is needed.

Zirkus ON is not a dream! We have the imagination to fill these gaps with the experience, expertise and commitment of the circus actors!


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Andree Wenzel


Andree Wenzelis an artist and choreographer.

After training as a circus artiste at the ENAC in Brussels, he continued his training with Corpus Acrobatics in Amsterdam and Get a Grip in Bremen. He completed the BMC dance training course with Linda Hartley in London and Hamburg. He gained his Master of Arts in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg.

Andree Wenzel is the Artistic Director of the Aerial Dance Academy. His troupe ComaDa produces solo and ensemble performance pieces in the style of Contemporary Circus. He is the founder and Artistic Director of the Hamburg circus festival Lurupina, a co-ordinator in the Federal Association of Contemporary Circus (BUZZ) and Director of the support programme Zirkus ON.

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