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Monique Placzek

As an artist agency we exclusively take care of the tour planning of our artists, book TV shows and support them individually in building their career. With the mix show Pop up Comedy we also act as promoters and have been cultivating a steadily growing network for over 10 years.

Bookable Artists
David Werker,  Stand-up Comedy
Ill-Young Kim,  Stand-up Comedy
John Doyle,  Stand-up Comedy
PORNO AL FORNO,  Cover- und Partymusik
Ralf Senkel,  Comedy
Sascha Thamm,  Lese Comedy

Bookable Productions
Pop up Comedy,  Lars Hohlfeld,  Comedy

Ill-Young Kim und Sascha Thamm bei Olafs Klub mit Olaf Schubert | MDR SPASSZONE

David Werker bei Standup 3000 für Comedy Central Deutschland


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