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Numerous showcases on three stages are quite a lot. For the artists presenting themselves, each performance is important and can be decisive for their further artistic path. Therefore, it is of great importance that the respective performances are well and professionally accompanied. This responsible work requires a little more than "just" a smart mouth and the ability to read the artist's name off a piece of paper! The colleagues of the performing artists are happy to take on this task, because each of them brings good prerequisites for the moderation at the Kulturbörse and has experience in this function.


The presenters of the 35th IKF 2023

Birgit Süss

Mo, 23. JAN '23 Street Theatre
Tu, 24. JAN '23 Theatre 2

represented by: 
Birgit Süss | Stand 2.4.34A

Birgit Süss is at home on the stage – as a singer, actor and host – where she gives her all and is very funny about it too – whether it’s the dentists’ union’s annual convention, a children’s film festival or the Swiss Kulturbörse in Thun.
In her solo shows as a cabarettist she burrows with wit and verve through life’s nonsense, and if it gets a bit morbid and wild that’s okay too, but it’s always entertaining and natural. And not forgetting songs as well of course – chansons about love on good days or about staying in bed on dull days.
She also writes and stages music comedies and end-of-year reviews with esteemed fellow artists.
In her current show “Projekt:Rosa!”, she brings the life of Rosa Luxemburg to the stage as a sound piece with her duo BASSION.

Carmela De Feo

Mo, 23. JAN '23 Theatre 2
represented by: 
Agentur Grubenblumen | Stand 2.7.27

Carmela De Feo a.k.a. La Signora has become something of an irreplaceable fixture as a host at the Kulturbörse. At irregular intervals since 2011 she has been shoving everybody who is anybody but still has no name on to those boards in Theatre 1 that mean the whole world. She does it in her inimitably intransigent way, because she knows that the audience sitting down there is the toughest in the world, and that needs leadership. La Signora is ready. For anything and everything. The trembling next generation should, must, wants to be heard and for precisely this reason one red carpet after another is rolled out professionally, playfully and informatively for her guests. The ringleader dressed in black from the Ruhr District has been enjoying success as a cabarettist in the German-speaking countries since 2007 and is at home at the Grubenblumen agency.

Jens Heinrich Claassen

Mo, 23. JAN '23, Theatre 1
represented by: 
Die Agentinnen – Jahnke & Baumann GbR | Stand 2.7.28

Jens Heinrich Claassen’s career began in 1996 when he hosted his school graduation ball aged 19. After which his first (and only) girlfriend left him. From then on things fortunately went upwards. At least professionally. 
This likeable native of Munster now regularly hosts NightWash on German TV, and in his show “Frischfleischcomedy” in Düsseldorf he showcases exciting newcomers to the comedy scene. He also tours Germany with his solo cabaret show “Liebe rostet nichts”. Sometimes he even travels round the world when he’s working as a guest artist on cruise ships.
The 45-year-old permanent single tells stories, sings, plays piano and, very occasionally, he dances too. With this, now his second hosting gig at the IKF, he’s living his dream. And maybe he’ll even find a wife as well. Do feel free to chat him up.

Martin Quilitz

Mo, 23. JAN '23 Music Hall
We, 25. JAN '23 Theatre 1

represented by:
Kulturtransformer | Booth 2.8.36

Martin Quilitz is a presenter, cabaret artist, director and producer with more than 3000 stage appearances and more than 100 TV shows to his name. He creates shows with cultural content, goes on tour with variety shows and is a regular host in comedy clubs and for political panels, business conferences and corporate events. 
As a writer he has been involved in the Harald Schmidt Show and other TV and radio shows. As well as various GOP shows, he also hosts the annual newcomer show at the Krystallpalast in Leipzig, showcases at Berlin's Wintergarten theatre, award ceremonies, etc. What is common to all of his professional activities is a love for improvisation and satirical cabaret together with in-depth journalistic preparation of the content.


Ariane Müller

Tu, 24. JAN '23, Music Hall
represented by:
JFK – Joachim Fischer Konzertbüro | Booth 2.6.30

Pianist, Comedian, Host (Ulm)
The musical director at the Theater Ulm, bandleader and host of various shows (Roxy Ulm, Schmidt Theater Hamburg) has been on the road since 2013Gámez Martín as the comedy duo SUCHTPOTENZIAL.

Jess Jochimsen

Di, 24. JAN '23 Theatre 1
Represented by:
Agentur Klasse Künstler! | Booth 2.6.26

For 30 years, Jess has been touring with a wonderful mix of side-splitting stories, awful slides and deadly beautiful songs - bone dry, loving and very, very funny. He sings, reads, screams, whispers until the audience is filled to the brim with laughter and love.


This Maag

Tu, 24. JAN 23' Street Theatre
We, 25. JAN 23' Street Theatre

represented by: 
Kontor für Kunst und Kultur | Stand 2.7.27

This Maag will be guiding you during two days as host through this year’s Street Theatre programme with Alpine lunacy and EU-certified Swiss humour. 
He will also be hosting the awards ceremony for the FREIBURGER LEITER and has redone the introductions for the audience with one-and-a-half metres distance, tailor-made, individually fresh and absolutely new, since the programme won’t be taking place in the open air after all.
This Maag performs solo at and hosts festivals and stages in Germany and internationally and has won many prizes for all this. For instance, he hosted the anniversary gala at the Moers ComedyArts Festival in 2016, at which he was also awarded the promotional prize for especially innovative appearances. 
A host who sets the boundaries even though he manages to completely ignore them himself!

Johannes Rühl

We, 25. JAN '23, Music Hall

Johannes Rühl studied Ethnology and Sociology in Freiburg im Breisgau. Socio-cultural activities and managing functions in the cultural scene in Freiburg (Kommunales Kino), Basle (Kulturbüro), Husum (Speicher) and Heidelberg (Karlstorbahnhof). Other posts include Director of the Culture Office in Rottweil, Deputy Director of the Culture Office in Freiburg and Director of the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio. 2009 to 2019 Artistic Director of the Alpentöne international music festival. Numerous research projects and publications at the University of Lucerne in the area of folk music research. Music programmes in Freiburg, Lausanne, Lima, Ho Chi Minh City and Cairo. Member of the moderator team at the Festival Rudolstadt and jury member for the Swiss Music Prize. Johannes Rühl lives in Ticino where he is the Director of the Künstlerhaus

René Sydow

We, 25. JAN '23 Theatre 2
Represented by:
dapper.entertainment | Booth 2.7.20

René Sydow works as a writer, satirist, actor and director.
As an actor and director, he worked for the Staatstheater Stuttgart and the Theater Dortmund among others. He worked with the Goethe-Institute and the Museum Folkwang Essen and realised numerous awarded short films and feature films. Until today, he appears as an actor in TV series and feature films. He works for Sat1, RTL, Vox, Sky etc.
Since 2012, he works mainly as a political satirist and stand-up comedian. He has won third prize of the German Poetry Slam Championship in 2012 and came in first in the NRW-Championship in 2018.
His up to date four Stand-up-solo-shows were awarded with 18 prizes. He appeared in nearly every important satire show on TV and he writes satire for radio shows (e.g. WDR5, BR2) and also screenplays, theatre plays and novels.



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