Welcome to the website of the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg – we are delighted to have you here!

The IKF has become a fixture in the events calendars of countless visitors over the past 32 years.

Some of them were attending the international trade fair for the first time this year. Join us for a fascinating journey through this lively, informative and extremely inspiring event.

We have compiled the most important information about the IKF for all of you here.

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What exactly is the IKF?

The IKF is a trade fair for stage productions, music and events. What ideas are really behind it? What is worth knowing?

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Exhibitors 2020

Some 400 exhibitors will be providing information about their current programme and service offerings. Just who will be there you can find out here.

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Live artists 2020

Well over 100 ensembles, groups, bands and solo artists will be on the IKF stages from 26 - 29 January. Find out just who these are here!

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The IKF catalogue

With some 400 exhibitors and over 100 artists, it is easy to lose track. Order the new IKF catalogue to help you prepare for the IKF.

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Save the date

33rd IKF 2021

Trade fair:
18. – 20. Jan 2021


The IKF catalogue, indispensable for a successful trade fair visit - and beyond. You can order your personal copy here. Learn more


Everything you need to know about getting to Messe Freiburg.
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