Seminar programme "Forum Wissen"

Parallel to the trade fair, the IKF offers trade visitors, participating exhibitors and artists specialist lectures, seminars and workshops. The content of these offers is geared to current topics and issues in the culture and event industry. All events of the „Forum Wissen“ are free of charge for holders of a day or season ticket.








Seminar program of the 35th IKF 2023


 ReferentThemaZeit & Ort
Forum WissenJulia „Jules” Nagele„Let's talk - sustainability in the music industry? Made easy"Mon, 11:30-12:30 Uhr
Forum WissenKatrin Taepke„Digital Engagement Tools for Successful Events"Mon, 13:00-14:30 Uhr
Forum WissenNicole Ruppert„Curating for Public Space"Mon, 14:00-15:00 Uhr
Forum WissenFelix Powroslo„Head off - stage intensity on! More powerful performances through more stage presence"Mon, 15:30-17:00 Uhr
Forum WissenMarkus Wöhrl„Green Events - Sustainable planning in the cultural sector"Tue, 10:30-12:00 Uhr
Forum WissenFriedemann Bauknecht„Time To Get Sustainable! - Impulse lecture on the integration of ecological sustainability on a strategic level"Tue,12:30-14:00
Forum WissenBundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum // BUTIÖR„New theater projects in public space"Tue, 12:30 - 14:00 Uhr
Forum WissenFlorian Städtler„Hybrid Community Building and Networking"Tue, 14:30-16:00 Uhr
Forum WissenChristian Grüner„Artist Insurance - Crash Course"Tue, 16:00-17:00 Uhr
Forum WissenBundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.„Short presentations of circus artists"Tue, 17:30-19:00 Uhr
Forum WissenStefan Behr„Strategy kit 2023"Wed, 12:30-13:45
Forum WissenJacqueline Plum„Fundraising and Communication"Wed, 14:30-16:00

„Hybrid Community Building and Networking"

Florian Städtler

How to turn customers, audiences and colleagues into long-term partners, supporters and participants

The starting point for this seminar is Florian Städtler’s own practical experience as a cultural niche blogger (Vocal Blog) and as a community host and podcast moderator for the Expedition Arbeit (Expedition Work) network, in which he has been working since mid-2020.

The seminar looks at topics needed for starting, developing and keeping communities, both online and live, in a way that is independent of specific sectors or genres. In practical terms, the areas looked at and for which recommendations for implementation will be given are

  • acquisition of members
  • forms of discussion
  • event formats
  • content production
  • knowledge sharing
  • ...and of course the practical challenges such as legal form, subscription models, organisational form, etc.

Florian Städtler (born 1970), founded the Spielplan4 Event-Marketing agency in 2003. As a scriptwriter, concept creator, lyricist and event director he produces cross-genre live communication concepts. Spielplan4 is a leading provider of innovative large group events in the context of transformation processes and operates the work-X Festival as work-X GmbH.

„Let's talk - sustainability in the music industry? Made easy"

Julia „Jules” Nagele

We need an infinite number of people who implement the topic of sustainability imperfectly and not a few who do it perfectly. That's exactly why we're shedding light today on the hurdles and opportunities of ecological action in the various fields of the industry and overcoming one or two threshold fears together. Together we will develop a Green Rider for your team, your event, your production.

Music Declares Emergency is a community of artists*, organizations, and music industry stakeholders working to protect our planet and as part of the climate movement to educate about the climate emergency and aim for immediate action. We believe in the power of music to drive change and create a livable future for us all. It's about bundling the power, bundling the radiance. Only together can we create the systematic change that is so important in the fight for climate justice. 

Julia "Jules" Nagele by Music Declares Emergency.

In addition to her busy concert schedule (listentojules), Jules is involved with Music Declares Emergency, which works to protect our planet & as part of the climate movement to educate about the climate emergency & aim for immediate action. Jules makes environmental sustainability a central theme in her current production, not just in terms of content.


„Fundraising and Communication"

Jaqueline Plum



How do I successfully talk to sponsors?

You’re excited about your project but still need money to put it into practice? That’s a good start right there for fundraising. But how do I successfully talk to potential sponsors? While an institution’s public relations are aimed at all target groups, fundraising communication is aimed directly at potential sponsors. The aim is to persuade them to donate money, time or materials to your project. How do I present my project briefly and convincingly to potential sponsors (elevator pitch)? How do I write an appealing letter to a sponsor or funding organisation and how to I convince them in face-to-face interviews? An introduction with hints and tips for successfully approaching sponsors.

Jacqueline Plum is a freelancer with konzeptkompetenz and advises non-profit organizations in communication and fundraising. She holds a doctorate in history and completed her fundraising management diploma in 2009. At the Burghof Lörrach GmbH and for the Stimmenfestival she was head of fundraising. Until 2019 she was deputy general manager of Regio Basiliensis. She worked for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin and Bonn from 1995 – 2006.

„Digital Engagement Tools for Successful Events"

Katrin Taepke

Whether events are live, virtual or hybrid, participants want to be able to be actively involved. If you concentrate exclusively on frontal event formats, you will lose online participants straight away and live participants at the latest for the next event. But if you choose the right tools to fit your event and target group, you will increase interaction with and among your audience as well as exhibitors and sponsors. This will improve the event atmosphere and enhance the memory of the messages imparted at the event. In this lecture, you can find out what popular tools are on the market and how specifically you can integrate them into your event. There will also be enough time for your questions and for discussing when tools can also simply be too much of a good thing.

Katrin Taepke blogs on and is an events professional with a passion for digitalisation and interactive event formats. She holds a diploma in trade fair management, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and the CMP Certificate, and has been organising and supporting events of various sizes and kinds for more than twenty years. Her credo is: Save the world from frontal lecture sound reinforcement and use digital tools for your processes!

„Green Events - Sustainable planning in the cultural sector"

Markus Wörl




An event, a festival is by definition not sustainable. It lives from the uniqueness of the experience, from as much audience as possible who wants to enjoy this event live and from the unique atmosphere that rounds off a festival or a performance.

Planning this event, whether theater, concert or congress, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and implementing it consistently brings many challenges. Today's indispensable demand for sustainability calls for particularly well-considered planning and realization. This seminar is intended to provide a compact and clear overview of the most important fields of action and necessary measures for the sustainable and climate-friendly optimization of your events.

Markus Wörl is an experienced dramaturge and cultural manager. Having spent 12 years as theatrical director of the Munich Tollwood Festival, he has since last year with his woerlpool agency been advising cultural institutions on sustainability and Green Events. He has completed courses on climate protection management at the Offenbach Environmental Institute and on the Green Deal at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

„Strategy kit 2022"

Stefan Behr

It is currently impossible to predict what long-term impact the pandemic will have on cultural venues, event organizers, technical service providers and artists. Despite public aid, many cultural infrastructures have been damaged, and the careers of cultural workers built up over many years are in jeopardy. What can event organizers and artists do when the Corona special programs expire, municipalities have to cut back again, and some of the visitors will stay away from events?

In his strategy seminar this year, Stefan Behr shows ways in which institutions and cultural workers can prepare for the end of the pandemic and Corona aid. Based on systemic approaches, he describes thinking tools that can be used in change and reorganization processes.

Duration: approx. 100 min.

Stefan Behr has been working as a freelancer in the cultural field for over 20 years. He initiated several theater festivals and is the managing director of the Berlin company Theater ANU. For years he has been working with creativity methods and change processes and has led projects dealing with social bionics and hypnosystemic solution strategies, among others. Last year he gave a well-received seminar on strategies in times of crisis.

„Curating for Public Space"

Nicole Ruppert

Art and culture can contribute to experiencing, thinking about and promoting public space as a free space, as a place of democratic participation. Performance opportunities for performing arts productions in public spaces are offered in particular by independent and municipal festivals, whose programs are put together in different ways. How can curatorial processes be designed at the interface of artist:in, place/space and audience so that the scenic arts in public space can unfold their potential? What comes first: the artist, the place, the piece or the idea of the organizer? nt?

Nicole Ruppert studied literature and has been working independently as a cultural manager for over 25 years. She runs an event agency that focuses on theater in public spaces. As a curator, she is responsible for the program of the International Street Theater Festival Holzminden. She is a member of the board of the Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum e.V. (Federal Association of Theater in Public Space).

„Head off - stage intensity on! More powerful performances through more stage presence"

Felix Powroslo

Often one artist gets only a moderate response from the audience, while another brings the hall to a boil. And often with similar or even weaker technical skills and abilities. - What is the reason for that? What does he have that I don't?!

In this workshop, experienced director and stage coach Felix Powroslo presents his favorite exercises for more stage presence and a very powerful performance intensity.

For even more intensity, joy, ease, power, fun, and ultimately more success on stage!

The workshop is aimed at all stage artists who want to know if there is more to it. Previous experience is not required.

Felix Powroslo - stage coach and director

The director and stage coach Felix Powroslo studied acting and singing, and was active on stage for a long time. Today he works as a director (among others for Bodo Wartke and Maybebop), as well as a presence trainer for the stage and in a corporate context. He has various teaching assignments (including HfS Ernst Busch Berlin), and gives workshops nationwide.

„Time To Get Sustainable! - Impulse lecture on the integration of ecological sustainability on a strategic level"

Friedemann Bauknecht

The Corona pandemic, the Ukraine war or the oil crisis; we are moving in socially difficult times and especially the cultural sector is itself strongly affected by these developments. The crisis mode has made clear how important it is to deal with the next upcoming global crisis - climate change. The greening of the cultural sector is therefore an inevitable topic and the events sector in particular must ask itself what measures can lead to more ecological live events and tours.

Friedemann Bauknecht, CEO of the artist agency SOUNDSGOOD Music Agency, will give an insight into how companies, agencies and artists can approach the topic strategically and will focus on the topics of sustainability plan, policy and controlling in this context. A first impulse for all who want to contribute to the Green Deal!

Friedemann Bauknecht is the founder of SOUNDSGOOD Music Agency. As a booker, manager and organizer of concerts and festivals, he knows the live business from many different angles. Besides music, the topic of sustainability is his personal heart project and is addressed by him in various contexts.

„New theater projects in public space"

Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum // BUTIÖR

The Federal Association of Theater in Public Space is looking for current projects for the ShortCuts. New productions and innovative concepts of performing arts in public space can present themselves in eight selected short presentations in a five-minute rhythm. Whether square productions, site-specific performances, dance theater, audio walks or contemporary circus - productions that reflect the diversity of the scene and the genre across all disciplines are sought. The ShortCuts provide insights into the artistic work of theater makers, awaken interest in artistic productions in public space, and connect artists and organizers.

„Artist Insurance - Crash Course"

Christian Grüner

Which insurances do I need as an artist, theater/event business, agency and/or organizer!

In one hour I will show you which insurances you really need for yourself and your life as an artist/organizer, which ones you can perhaps do without and where the limits of insurance coverage lie:

+ I have broken something for others: Liability!

+ My equipment/props are stolen or broken!

+ What happens if I can't do it anymore: Occupational disability

+ And what happens if I don't want to anymore: Asset accumulation/retirement provision

After the crash course you will be able to judge which insurances are currently necessary for you, which ones make sense ... and where you can get information about them.

Additionally we have enough time for your individual questions.

Christian Grüner (Fairsicherungsladen Hagen) was a street artist in the 90s and studied economics. Before that: training at a health insurance company. Insurance broker for 23 years, specialising in insurance brokerage in the artistic-creative context: liability, occupational disability, props, old-age provision.

„Short presentations of circus artists"

Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.

BUZZ Pitching Session

Pitching is one of the oldest acrobatic techniques, in which acrobats throw each other into the air. The Live Pitch Session of the Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus (Federal Association of Contemporary Circus) inspires exchange: as a form of presentation for contemporary circus creations, it connects artists with organizers and program managers.

In eight short presentations, circus artists present their pieces, give an insight into their concepts and answer questions. The BUZZ Pitching Session presents a curated selection of contemporary circus pieces from Germany and illustrates the aesthetic diversity and flexibility of the art form.

BUZZ is a network, information platform, cultural-political actor and initiator for contemporary circus in Germany on a regional, national and international level. In 2019, after almost ten years of existence, the association became the umbrella organization for professional actors from the field and now has over 180 members. We work on the long-term establishment of the "Contemporary Circus" division as an art form within the performing arts, including different artistic aesthetics and formats, but for circus forms that pursue performative, dramaturgical-playful or choreographic approaches. We organize roundtables, networking and organizer meetings, and pitching sessions that give circus artists access to the market.


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