Bart Plugers - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 94

Bart Plugers - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 94


Blossom and Blasphemy

Male singing is probably the only branch of jazz where the men are in the minority. However, that did not deter the 24-year-old Belgian Bart Plugers was from doing just that. "I've always sung," he says, "but I've had lessons since I was twelve.” “The transition to jazz felt quite natural to me,” Plugers said. "There aren't that many male singers in jazz, which is why people often expect a charming entertainer, which certainly creates its own problems. However, my experiences are rather positive, because the audience is simply curious about what I am actually doing."The seven songs of the debut album, with the exception of “Lucid”, composed by Jules Martinet, all come from the pen of Plugers and take the audience into a unique world of sound, which is characterized by lyrical intimacy, but also by gripping intensity.


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25. January 2023

11:30 - 11:50

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Blossom and Blasphemy

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Bart Plugers - Blossom and Blasphemy

Bart Plugers Oak

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