Bene Reinisch

Bene Reinisch


Irgendwas mit Meinung

Bene Reinisch's Stand-up show proves that you don't need any gray hair to convey even ambitious content in a trenchant manner.In his easy-going and charming manner, Bene, who grew up in the arch-conservative town of Fulda, tells of his childhood as the child of two academics and his teenage years as a punk.The fact that Bene was a successful magician for many years is something you will certainly notice at one point or another in his program. Categories are not his thing, and that's what makes his program so fresh and authentic. "Something about opinion", is Stand-Up with attitude and always 100% Bene.


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24. January 2023

10:30 - 10:50

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Irgendwas mit Meinung

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Bene Reinisch - Irgendwas mit Meinung (TV-Aufzeichnung St. Ingberter Pfanne 2022)

Bene Reinisch | "Irgendwas mit Meinung" | Teaser

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