Benedikt Mitmannsgruber

Benedikt Mitmannsgruber


Der seltsame Fall des Benedikt Mitmannsgruber

In the region of Mühlviertel they say it takes three things to become a grown man: You have to father a child, build a house and plant a tree. Benedikt Mitmannsgruber is not a man like all the others.  He is thin, weak, has a moustache, wears an old Norwegian jumper and is a classic anti-hero, a sensitive loser type. Instead of building a house and becoming a father, he sits with a cup of "St. John's wort" tea in a sparsely furnished back room in a dreary big city and writes funny stories. Eventually, his family realises that he is not ageing. While his friends are getting older, taking on responsibilities, buying cars, fathering children and working, Mitmannsgruber is stuck in time. He wants to stay in his mid-20s forever. He keeps putting off growing up until it is unattainable and uncatchable in front of him.


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25. January 2023

14:30 - 14:50

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Der seltsame Fall des Benedikt Mitmannsgruber

Performing Arts Theatre 2

SWR3 Comedy Festival vom 1.06.22

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