Berni Wagner

Berni Wagner



In his "best solo program to date" (Wiener Zeitung) Berni Wagner "once again disguises his intelligent humor and satirical acumen with many snappy punchlines as a powerful stand-up comedy" (Ö1), "cleverly builds up stories throughout the evening that surprise and delight in their weirdness and bizarreness" (Falter) and slams punky eco-cabaret in front of the audience with "anarchistic gusto [...]" (Oberösterreichisches Volksblatt). Galápagos: a game of life and death and a declaration of love to humanity.In the process, the trained biologist spans an arc from his very personal relationship problems to the global problems with climate change. The 31-year-old Upper Austrian wraps all of this in a featherbed of mad wit and stand-up speed, full of punchlines.

Comedy, Cabaret

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23. January 2023

18:00 - 18:20

Showcases Performing Arts


Performing Arts Theatre 1

Ausschnitt aus "Galápagos", ORF "Gemischter Satz" 2021

Ausschnitt aus "Galápagos", ORF Radio FM4 Comedybühne 2022

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