Es muss rauschen!

Bumillo is a cabaret artist and a houseman, but you can only book him for one of the two. The other he practices only very exclusively in front of small or no audiences. But no matter if microphone or microfiber: he always goes full throttle forward and pulls the heads out of the loops of everyday life. Stand-up comedy and rap is what the 40-year-old family man has in his luggage when he prances across the stage as usual clever, forceful and rousing, delivering timeless cabaret in the here and now. "That little bit of housekeeping ...", well who does it? Is this question a taboo or an opportunity? Is working the great happiness of our time? Or is staying at home the new model for success? How the heck can you manage to always have all the to-dos on the screen and reconcile family and career? 


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Agentur Zweigold

25. January 2023

10:30 - 10:50

Showcases Performing Arts

Es muss rauschen!

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Bumillo: Richtige Männer

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