Cätlin Mägi

Cätlin Mägi


The Looping Jew’s Harp Orchestra

Estonian music traditions & Looping?In her solo program multi-instrumentalist Cätlin Mägi fuses Estonian musical traditions, sounds of the Jew's harp and her voice with the digital possibilities of the 21st century.The ancient metal Jew's harp is often under appreciated. Now, Cätlin Mägi comes and brings light and color into the intrinsic sounds of this unique instrument. An old metal soul meets modern technology. Combining the special properties of Jews harp and of the human mouth as a resonance chamber, the source of her ideas and musical surprises. Beside this Cätlin is uniting the "voices" of around 50 Jew's harps in a virtuosic way. The loop station is her melting pot.As a specialist in Estonian musical traditions (lecturer in traditional music at Tallin University), none of this is a contradiction for Cätlin Mägi.

Folk, World Music

Stage language/s:
Estonian, English


Represented by:
diverted music

23. January 2023

19:00 - 19:20

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The Looping Jew’s Harp Orchestra

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