Clarinet Factory

Clarinet Factory

Czech Republic

Clarinet Factory - concert

A quartet of excellent clarinet players from the Czech Republic. Classically educated, successfully showcased at WOMEX 2015, Mundial Montréal 2018 as well as Classical: NEXT 2019.At their concert, you may expect amazing harmonies, wonderful sonority coming from the bass clarinet, adventurous compositions, an endless variety of moods and atmospheres and smooth vocal of Vojtěch Nýdl.Featuring the authenticity and ruggedness, characteristic of Clarinet Factory's live performances, in combination with making use of innovative electronic and acoustic instruments, ranging from loopers to effect devices, the ensemble succeeds in attaining a totally unique sound! A sound blending elements of classical, jazz and world music with audacious sonic experiment and the traditional song form, overarched by cosmopolitan lyrics.

Film Music, Jazz, Classical Music, World Music

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24. January 2023

12:00 - 12:20

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Clarinet Factory - concert

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Clarinet Factory - Luda's Dance (live at Slunovrat festival 2022)

Clarinet Factory - live at Classical: NEXT 2019

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