Compagnie Crelle_Ü53

Compagnie Crelle_Ü53


Ü53- Wie lange können sie das eigentlich noch machen?

With their enchantingly amiable homage to the advancing age of deserving stage artists and their shrewd handling of its pitfalls, the four Berlin artists delight the audience. Ü53 stands for four artists who have been actively shaping the contemporary circus scene in Germany and France since the early 1990s. At regular intervals, a charming question came up again and again:"How long can you actually keep doing this?"Having now more or less successfully avoided this issue for several decades, they are finally taking the bull by the horns. Ü53 is an artistic spectacle as an answer to a pressing question and at the same time an extremely funny affair with tongue-in-cheek profundity.Translated with (free version)

Cirque Nouveau

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24. January 2023

16:30 - 16:50

Showcases Street Theatre

Ü53- Wie lange können sie das eigentlich noch machen?

Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

Ü53 - Wie lange können Sie das eigentlich noch machen? Teaser 2min

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