CUMA Kollektiv

CUMA Kollektiv

Brazil, Denmark, Germany

Vacation from Love

The love, the sex, the thrill, the glamour and the audacity to never settle for less. The physical theatre concert Vacation from Love reveals the bittersweet "life on the road" of a singer and his love affairs with the band. In a mixture of live music, drag performance and theatre, social norms of gender and relationships are questioned with both humour and ernesty.
Elina Brams Ritzau dances, sings, plays the piano and virtuously performs a stage character shifting between genders. Bruna Cabral and Jakob Jentgens build a multifaceted sound cosmos, orchestral and intimate, wild and delicate, abstract and melodious.
Drumsticks are thrown, there is dancing on the piano, drinking and shouting. At the centre is the decision to savour life in all its nuances without being limited by social conventions, or in other words “Why resist temptation”.

Musical Theatre, Performance, Drama, Drag Show, Variety Show

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CUMA Kollektiv

24. January 2023

13:30 - 13:50

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Vacation from Love

Performing Arts Theatre 2

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