Domo Emigrantes

Domo Emigrantes


“Amar Mediterraneo”

DOMO EMIGRANTES, founded in 2009, devote their new program to the musical traditions of southern Italy and Mediterranean region. With unique arrangements they create a rhythmically dense and rousing sound. Guitar, violin and percussion are joined by Kurdish saz, ethnic flutes, bouzouki ... The emotional appeal of their music reaches and seduces a wide audience, ears and hearts travel to distant regions, transported to the south and the Mediterranean coasts. 
Until now, the ensemble has performed in theatres, clubs, festivals in Italy, and also in France, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Turkey and in the USA (Warner Bros Studios LA).

Folk, World Music

Stage language/s:
English, Italian

Represented by:
diverted music

25. January 2023

14:00 - 14:20

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“Amar Mediterraneo”

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