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duo DUVA



Elena Schmidt-Arras (vocals / loop station / electronics) and Klaus Frech (piano / guitar / bass / frame drum / electronics) are duo DUVA. Together, they have gently rearranged a deliberate selection of ancient Nordic songs, some thinned out to their gossamer beauty, others tastefully reharmonized – and rhythmized, acoustically as well as electronically. And while some songs completely remain in their traditional form, others are shaped to artfully nested structures. After all, duo DUVA's trademark is their high level of mutual attention, and it is these two musicians constantly being all ears for one another that creates an array of memorable moments within their current production, Aftonsolen: A welcome to the evening sun, a farewell to the day; a coming and going, a reunion; a look back, a peek ahead; old meets new meets old ...


Stage language/s:
German, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål


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23. January 2023

11:00 - 11:20

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duo DUVA: Ha du sett noko te kjerringi mi

dou DUVA: När som flickorna de gifta sig

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