Duo flexoncirc

Duo flexoncirc

Germany, Hungary

unfold untold

Communication is easy, right? You listen, I talk. Or is it the other way around? Our play is centered around the daily challenges of everyone who lives in a community. How can misunderstandings appear and how to deal with them? „unfold untold“ is an emotional journey through the visual and audio-visual space which combines circus acrobatic scenes with physical theatre. At its core the performance is about the relationship between our two characters, Jonny and Bettina, the fragility of human connections, and the opportunity for love to constantly reinvent itself, to change and adapt.We developed the show in Budapest, Hungary in cooperation with two students from the University of Theater and Film Arts  "SZFE", the circus space "Inspiral Cirkusközpont", the Bethlen Téri Theater and Papito Edgardo Gonzalez in 2021. 

Acrobatics, Equilibristic, Comedy, Juggling

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Duo flexoncirc

23. January 2023

16:00 - 16:20

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unfold untold

Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

unfold untold by Duo flexoncirc

Rhythm clash by Duo flexoncirc

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