Eva Karl Faltermeier

Eva Karl Faltermeier


Es geht dahi

"No Filter" could be Eva Karl Faltermeier's motto when she takes the stage and is relentlessly honest about herself and the world to her audience. Anyone looking for homage to perfection (possibly also ad absurdum) may prefer to continue navigating Instagram and Facebook. But anyone who can take a look at reality will enjoy experiencing the cabaret artist.  
Eva Karl Faltermeier takes her audience on a journey to the southern Upper Palatinate - home of the fog.


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Agentur Zweigold

23. January 2023

17:30 - 17:50

Showcases Performing Arts

Es geht dahi

Performing Arts Theatre 2

Eva Karl Faltermeier über Hochzeiten & Beerdigungen | Comedy | Das große Kleinkunstfestival 2022

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