Fee Brembeck

Fee Brembeck


Erklär’s mir als wäre ich eine Frau

How do you get off a train? How does breakfast work? How does what I've been doing for years for a living work again? You think you know the answers to all these questions - then you are probably a man! As a female read, on the other hand, you get to have these things explained to you often and without being asked. Fee is not only an author, slam poet and opera singer, but also an expert at having her expertise denied. The program is as much about this as it is about top models, opera divas and lyricism in the disco. With a lot of humor, a pinch of self-irony and plenty of depth, the artistic grab bag of cabaret leads through her program and turns the tables in an entertaining way: Now she explains the world to the audience without being asked! An evening that brings together social criticism, humor and high culture in an incomparable way.

Comedy, Cabaret, Musical Cabaret, Poetry Slam

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23. January 2023

16:30 - 16:50

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Erklär’s mir als wäre ich eine Frau

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Fee Brembeck bei der St. Ingberter Pfanne 2022

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