Happy Hour

GlasBlasSing: with new show "Happy Hour". Bottle music comedy. Sustainable, funny, charming, virtuosic.They say that broken glass brings good luck. But if you're looking for a real dose of luck, you leave the bottles whole... and makes music with them. Bottle music. GlasBlasSing have already empirically proven in the past that even funeral marches sound cheerful when played on bottles. Now, with "Happy Hour", they fearlessly and completely face the sunny side of life. "Happy Hour," that's not just one, that's almost two hours of acoustic delights, generated on everything the liquid storage trade has to offer.  Now it's a case of grab your luck by the scruff of the neck and be there or - bad luck. High quality a capella singing, funny and humorous presentations as well as all kinds of unexpected interludes top off the programm. 

Comedy, Gala, Musical Cabaret

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kulturkraemer |

23. January 2023

10:30 - 10:50

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Happy Hour

Performing Arts Theatre 2

GlasBlasSing Trailer Happy Hour

GlasBlasSing Auszug (Comedy for Future Festival 22)

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