Judith Bach als CLAIRE

Judith Bach als CLAIRE


CLAIRE ALLEENE - aus lauter Lebenslust

Judith Bach alias Claire (the Berlin half of the duo Luna-tic) is alone on stage for the first time and there the 'Kleene mit de kurze Beene' has a surprising amount of space. She sings and snacks freely according to Berlin snout, tumbles from moment to moment, loses the thread, but never herself. She flies without wings, but with Mozart at the piano. She quickly lands in heaven with her wise little grandmother, a lively woman from a completely different time, who comes so alive before the eyes of the audience that you think she has been resurrected for the evening. Claire's first solo program is bursting with self-penned songs, catastrophic dance interludes and good questions about the meaning and nonsense of this life. A philosophical chanson cabaret. Surprising, tender and cheeky. idea & play: Judith Bach director: Cornelia Montani

Clown Theatre, Comedy, Gala, Cabaret, Musical Cabaret

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25. January 2023

15:00 - 15:20

Showcases Performing Arts

CLAIRE ALLEENE - aus lauter Lebenslust

Performing Arts Theatre 2

«Claire alleene – aus lauter Lebenslust»

«Endlich - Ein Stück für immer von der Claire»

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