MAIKA - Pre-Release Konzert 'Holy Noon'

MAIKA - this is the name of the new band around singer Maika Küster, who impresses with her catchy and sophisticated songs. The singer is known through the formation "Der weise Panda", "Wir hatten was mit Björn" as well as some other projects. Her tracks always form a continuous flow, cozy up ballad-like, sometimes roar rocky, but always remain intuitive and unstrained in many surprising melodic twists. Maika Küster's voice is sometimes fragile-melancholic, then again energetic-pressive, always right in the middle of the emotional states that the respective song illustrates. The lyrics, which partly unfold in spoken word aesthetics, do the rest with their sometimes enigmatic metaphorics. The lyrics are often about dealing with death & transience, but also about (experiencing) lust & sensuality.

Indie, Jazz

Stage language/s:
German, English

24. January 2023

16:30 - 16:50

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MAIKA - Pre-Release Konzert 'Holy Noon'

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MAIKA - Holy Noon Demo Version (rough)

MAIKA - Gongsbongs (Official Video)

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