Marcel Kösling

Marcel Kösling


Streng geheim!

The new show of Marcel Koesling is again a unique mixture of magic and comedy. Spectators are trained as agents, secrets are revealed and hidden things are brought to light. With lots of magic, comedy and his own songs, the audience will experience the "all-purpose weapon of young cabaret". Our world is full of secrets: Where is the legendary Amber Room? Did the moon landing really take place in 1969? How could Trump ever become president? And can a press release ever convey the sensationalism of a Marcel Koesling show? The answer to all these questions is "TOP SECRET!" - the enlightenment show of extra class.Director: Rolf Claussen

Comedy, Cabaret, Conjuring

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Marcel Kösling

24. January 2023

15:00 - 15:20

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Streng geheim!

Performing Arts Theatre 1


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