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Maria Mazzotta is one of the most important and internationally appreciated voices of the Apulian scene in world music. Moving naturally from the sounds of southern Italy to Balkan melodies, Mazzotta's repertoire is the result of accurate investigation and careful regard for the wide range of cultures that compose it, with particular attention to the vocal specificity of each musical tradition. Her deep and powerful performances are an immersive experience for the audience: immersed in the backgrounds and cultures of the pieces performed, the listener participates in an emotional and passionate contemplation, from a feminine point of view, of the different forms of love: from the sublime, desperate and romantic to the sick, possessive and abused. "Amoreamaro", her solo debut album released in January 2020, features over 120 concerts in more than 20 European countries.

Folk, World Music

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Zero Nove Nove

23. January 2023

12:00 - 12:20

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Maria Mazzotta - Amoreamaro (documentary)

Maria Mazzotta - Marinaresca (live)

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