Marie-Anjes Lumpp

Marie-Anjes Lumpp


"Mama ohne Plan"

Marie-Anjes Lumpp starring in „Mama ohne Plan“ based on the Canadian comedy hit „Suddenly Mommy“ by Marie Scheffler. (Translation: Carola Söllner, director: John Weisgerber) Every Mom remembers that one moment, when her first name suddenly changed to „Mommy“. "Marie" suddenly finds herself as a mother of two in jogging pants on the playground, and nothing is like it used to be. Marie-Anjes Lumpp plays, sings and rants about the rollercoaster of motherhood with breathtaking openness.
She jumps into a dozen roles where she fails, grows and finally recognizes herself. Lumpp received her education as a "musical actress" at the Folkwang University of the Arts and meanwhile masters the balancing act between stage and baby herself. She presents a hilarious and empowering one-woman show which takes us through every mom's experience of good times, bad advice, and trying to do it all. 

Comedy, Narrative Theatre, Musical Cabaret, Drama

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23. January 2023

11:00 - 11:20

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"Mama ohne Plan"

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