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Marie Diot


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Marie Diot is a singer-songwriter. She makes music and nonsense. Her concerts consist of funny, quirky announcements and songs that tell stories about things that happen in life with wit, irony and charme. For example, it's about love and fish poisoning - some things that happen are so crazy, you can't make them up. Some of the songs are melancholic and some are funny, including her hairstyle or something. In general, she is optimistic, as serene and relatable as possible, always looking for the right words and the best melody, with the desire to make people feel things and otherwise clearly pretty much without a goal. Everything always works out in the end! The only question is how. But that's ok.

Musical Cabaret, Singer-Songwriter

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24. January 2023

11:30 - 11:50

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Musik & Quatsch

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Marie Diot - Heizkörper

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