Matthias Brodowy

Matthias Brodowy


Keine Zeit für Pessimismus

MATTHIAS BRODOWY - "No time for pessimism"Matthias Brodowy's English skills are so disastrous that he could only translate this text into English with the help of a virtual translator. Really so bad that he wouldn't even notice if the translator translated everything into complete nonsense. That, however, would represent him. After all, he is the chief director of high level bullshit. And, moreover, an unrestrained optimist. Which he impressively proves with „Keine Zeit für Pessimismus". Literary, politically, musically and always ready to be silly. Matthias Brodowy received the award from the great Hanns Dieter Hüsch "Das schwarze Schaf" and has received several awards, including "Prix Pantheon“ and „Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis“. If the virtual translator has translated everything well now, at least there is noodle salad. 


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24. January 2023

11:30 - 11:50

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Keine Zeit für Pessimismus

Performing Arts Theatre 2

Keine Zeit für Pessimismus - Lied "Sowieso"

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