Mellow Magic

Mellow Magic


Mellow - Blow Your Mind! - Magie & Illusionen Live!

If you rub your eyes and your brain cells get blown through: Then you are in the brand new live show from Mellow! The likeable magician in the hoodie is a German champion of magic and will turn your world upside down for an evening of creative illusions and humorous storytelling! Novel holographic video and projection effects meet handmade magic!

Mellow brings Polaroid photos to life and melts hard metal with just the sound of a ukulele. He breaks into the vault of a banknote printing company and turns plain paper into endless bills!

At the latest when he catches the light of a shooting star with a telescope and countless fireflies fly through the room, it becomes clear - that's feel-good magic to laugh and be amazed!

Comedy, Gala, Variety Show, Conjuring

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Mellow Magic

24. January 2023

10:30 - 10:50

Showcases Performing Arts

Mellow - Blow Your Mind! - Magie & Illusionen Live!

Performing Arts Theatre 2

Mellow - "Blow Your Mind!" - Einblicke in die Show

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