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Natalie Reckert is a handstand artist. She balances not only herself but also weird ideas. As an explorer and acrobatic superhero, she gives the audience insights into the life of an artist and the resilience of the body. This body is sometimes invincible, virtuosic and intricately constructed. But often also fragile, ephemeral and made of icing. For the performance at the Kulturbörse she has put together a spectacular "Best Of" from her evening, street and gala programs. She trained at the "National Centre for Circus Arts" in London and spent a year studying at "Visions in Motion". As a handstand artist she has performed at the GOP Variete and at many street theater festivals. Natalie won the Freiburg Ladder at the Kulturbörse 2019 with her street theater production "Superheroine made of sugar icing". 

Acrobatics, Artistry, Cirque Nouveau

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24. January 2023

15:00 - 15:20

Showcases Street Theatre

Best of

Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

Superheldin aus Zuckerguss

Natalie Reckert auf dem La Strada Festival 2019

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