Pau Figueres

Pau Figueres


Pau Figueres

One of today’s most interesting guitarists. His mastery of all musical languages and a proverbial good taste turn his guitar into a fascinating instrument that expresses itself with the ease of a living being"Currently touring the world as guitarist with multi Grammy Award winning artist Alejandro Sanz, Pau has worked with names such as Rufus Wainwright, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Jonah Smith, Mayte Martin and Carles Benavent to name a few.
Blending Flamenco with the music of our century, Pau Figueres is an outstanding guitarist who tackles music from multiple interpretative angles, understanding guitar as a versatile cross-over instrument. Immersed in countless musical genres, styles and projects, his original compositions mirror his unique approach to the guitar and to music.

Flamenco, Jazz

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23. January 2023

11:30 - 11:50

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Pau Figueres

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Pau Figueres live

Pau Figueres live

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